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Having A Young Single Mother’s Right Attitude

Young single mothers face a number of obstacles to successfully parenting their child while trying to achieve their own self-sufficiency. On the one hand, a child needs a mother’s attention, but on the other a young single mother needs to be working to earn a living to support the child. This delicate balancing act can be even more precarious when the young single mother is a teenager who hasn’t even completed high school yet. With minimal education in a society that demands higher education and few job skills, a young single mother may end up caught in a poverty trap that can get tighter each year. The only way out is by having a young single mother’s right attitude. Face it, motherhood is hard and single motherhood is much harder.

Traits To Develop For A Young Single Mother’s Right Attitude

* A thick skin with an open mind
* Persistence, persistence, persistence
* Ability To establish goals and follow through
* Courage to work hard without any guarantees of success

A Thick Skin With An Open Mind

Being a young single mother is stereotyped in this society as being social burden or a personal failure. Many young single mothers end up on welfare, with estimates suggesting 75% of teenage single mothers being on welfare at least five years after the birth of their first child. Getting public assistance can be humiliating, and there is a lot of discrimination in the workplace against young single mothers. A young single mother’s right attitude in the face of these circumstances is to have faith in herself, while being willing to get help from people when she needs it. She must have a thick skin with an open mind to reach out and begin to establish support systems for herself and her child.

Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

While it may be difficult to persist in getting an education after one has their first child, it’s paramount if that mother is the sole provider for her family. A young single mother’s right attitude is a mixture of doggedness and faith. She must be persistent in finding creative ways to manage her motherly responsibilities while planning for the future of her little family.

Ability To Establish Goals And Follow Through

This ability to plan for the future takes some degree of optimism. While the incidence of depression for single mothers is 40% greater than her married counterparts, a single mother has to take responsibility for her future and set some goals for her education and job training to better her circumstances.

Courage To Work Hard Without Any Guarantees Of Success

After establishing goals and being persistent in getting her and her child’s needs met, the single mother will need to have the courage to face a life that has no guarantees. A young single mother’s right attitude must be courageous if she is to succeed at all, however. She may work hard and encounter multiple obstacles in her way. Every step forward may be fraught with perils for two steps backwards. The only way to succeed, however, is to take those steps and build her skills, confidence, and self-esteem one day at a time.

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