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How to Work at Home as a Single Mom

A single mom has many things that she needs to juggle during the course of the day. Being the only caregiver to her children, it is often hard for her to get anything done other taking care of them. If the single mom is lucky enough to work at home, the struggle becomes even harder. To be successful at working for home, the single mom needs to be able to devote enough time to her work at home job to make money at it. There are a couple of ways that a single mom can successfully work at home and still take care of her children.

Option One

As a single mom, you could get a baby sitter for a few hours a couple days a week. This baby sitter can take care of the children so that you can get your work done for your work at home job. Just because you work at home, it does not mean that you can get work done with your children in the house. It will happen that when you sit down to do work that your children will need you for something. This is a much better option then daycare. A baby sitter will be less expensive for a couple of hours a day then sending your children to a daycare center. Have your baby sitter take your children out to the playground for a few hours of work at home time.

mom working at homeOption Two

Many single moms that work at home, choose to work once their children have gone to bed for the night. There are many work at home jobs that allow you the freedom to work any time that you would like. One such work at home job is freelance writing. Dedicate a few hours after your children go to bed to your work at home job. If your children are young, you can also squeeze in some work when they lay down for their nap. As a single mom, this is the option that I use to get my work done.

Option Three

As your children grow, they will soon start attending school. Whether it be nursery school or elementary school, this is time that a single mom can get work done for her work at home job. There are going to be single moms who can not use this option because of the age of their children. These single moms can do their work at home job part-time until the time when their children start going to school.

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