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Where’s The Free Stuff For Single Moms?

Many people think women become single mothers so they can get free handouts. If that were true then freebies for single moms should be everywhere and being a single mother should be a fun ride! Look around; there is very little free stuff for single moms. If there were such freebies before, they have slowly been eliminated from social programs. Most incentives for single mothers are not free. They come with a myriad of conditions and usually only seek to assist a single mother, not provide a free handout.

Single mothers can get some free stuff, but it’s not specifically limited to single mothers. She has the same options to find deals that any other member of society can get, regardless of family status. But, most of these freebies are set up by companies hoping to give away something free so that the consumer will be enticed into buying a service or product. They target specific segments of the population and give away promotional free things as a marketing practice so that consumers will choose their products. Obviously, single mothers don’t have huge economic clout or they would be targeted and we would see more free stuff for single moms to entice them to be consumers of particular companies.

A mother’s best bet for getting free stuff for single moms is her community and her relatives. Relatives can provide hand-me-downs and free babysitting. In a pinch, they may even be able to offer some shelter for a limited period of time.

Many single mothers now are forming anything from babysitting to housing cooperatives and clubs. Single mothers do share with other single mothers because they know what it’s like to be in this situation. They share baby clothing, tips for neighborhood resources, food, time, and babysitting. Joining a mother’s group, either locally or on the Internet, is one of the best ways to find free stuff for single moms in your community.

Another place to find free stuff for single mothers is the Internet trading areas. There are many barter and on-line free exchanges ranging from Craigslist to book swapping clubs. One only has to add a posting in the relevant sitting either asking for a particular item or offering an item. There are usually two sections free stuff: barter and free. You can barter to get something without paying for it, or you can simply look through the free section to see what people are posting free.

Once shelter and food is paid for, there may be nothing left for fun. Luckily, fun can be had free. Single mothers are so busy pinching pennies that they think there’s nothing left for enjoying themselves. There may not be money, but fun can be carefully planned to be free. Enjoy a free visit to the museum, or take a walk in a park with your children. Read a book or play a board game. Go to open-air arts and craft festivals, just don’t buy anything. Visit other single mothers and plan play dates for your children. Go to the library and use the free computer terminal and Internet access. Check out some free books or videos. There are even restaurants that let your kid eat free.

Free stuff for single moms may be scarce to find in social programs but there are still plenty of people with a soft spot for single mothers who are willing to share. In addition, living frugally does not mean one doesn’t have the means to enjoy your life and your children.

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