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Single Moms Dating Horror Stories

Don’t be one of the stereotypical dates single moms laugh about to each other or their friends. Yes, single mothers are strong, independent women who know what they want, but they’ve seen many a good prospect turn into just another fly-by-night Romeo who doesn’t get where she’s coming from.

The Knight In Shining Armor Complex

If a single mother got that way because she’s divorced, she’s long over the knight in shining armor fantasy. Unfortunately, many single women complain that’s exactly the type of man they attract. Single moms dating refer to them as “rescuers.” The men feel a need to rescue them from a life they consider shameful or unacceptable. While the intent is good, the follow-through tends to come off as controlling and condescending. Realize that this woman has been surviving and pulling children in tow at the same time without a man present for some time. She deserves respect, not rescuing.

Momma’s Boy

We all know this one: He still lives at home or shares an apartment with buddies. He doesn’t cook his own meals. He barely makes a living. He’s in his 30’s or 40’s and never married. Some are even in their 20’s. He’s oh so happy to date you and you remind him of his mother! The idea that single moms dating aren’t attractive to younger men is a myth. Many younger men, particularly momma’s boys, love older women. It’s too bad most single moms dating already have enough children of their own to make room for yet another.

Madonna Worshiper

Of course, we’re talking about the musical singer Madonna. Ever since the Dark Ages, women have been seen as godly mothers or prostitutes. Some men still seem to think that single mothers make easy targets for players. That single moms dating just sit around being lonely and pining for companionship. If a single mother is dating, you can bet she’s micro managing her romantic life the same way the rest of her life has to be. She knows what she wants and she probably is getting it too. If she doesn’t want to be disturbed, she won’t be. If she wants to go out, she’ll probably be Internet dating. She’s not very nave. But, it never fails, every now and then you get one of these men who seem to think that single mothers are easy targets because they’re supposedly so grateful to have anyone interested in them.

So, what does a single mother want? She wants much the same thing she wanted before she had children. She wants an equal partner who will come into the relationship not with delusions of saving her, or being taken care of for the rest of their lives. Single moms dating want a genuine connection with a man who might be willing to share her sorrows as well as her joys. If the man thinks it’s all about the fun stuff, she’s likely to peg him as immature and move on.

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