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Being a Single Mom During the Holidays

For many families, the holidays is their favorite time of year. Whether it is Easter and Easter Egg Hunts, Fourth of July and cookouts, or Christmas trees and family decorations. The point is that holidays seem to be the happiest time of the year.

That is, until you find yourself, single again and on your own. Not alone, as if with no one around you. As you look down, there are those little doe eyes, staring up at you as if you are the only person in the world. And it those two set of children eyes that keep you going. Single moms know more than anyone that their children can make the difference in ways that words just can’t express.

Getting through the first holidays is by some of the biggest hurdle any single mom goes through. Yes, finances are the biggest hurdle for a single mom, but sometimes the mental ones are just as tough. There is nothing harder than trying to get through a holiday, alone again. This is the time to stick close to your family. Even if it is uncomfortable at first, yes, you are single again, but it is far better to be with family that loves you than staying at home alone.

Create New Traditions During The Holidays

single mom during the holidaysMaking new traditions is by far one of the most important things a single mom can create. Not only for her children, but for herself; and I speak from experience. Start each holiday new; creating new traditions for you and your children. Not only will they appreciate this later on in life, but so will you. Life isn’t over, only it is just beginning. And with that comes new beginnings. And holidays are a perfect time to start creating new memories with yourself and your children.

Being a single mom to me is the untold story of a mom who gives her all to make sure her little ones have a life. Maybe it is because I was once a single mom, or maybe it is because I’ve watched single mom struggle to make ends meet for their families. It is that same story that is being written across America today with the thousands of single moms struggling to make it in a downward economy.

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