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Pregnant Moms Who are Chicago Singles

Pregnant moms who are Chicago singles like all other mother’s carry the weight of their child for nine months in the belly but for a lifetime they carry the responsibility of the child on their shoulders. Most children are at home with their mother and every mother wants to be the best mom that they can be. The pregnant moms who are Chicago singles have the challenge of developing a responsible adult while many are yet trying to develop themselves in a relationship.

Single mamma hood needs a young mother to be able to support the child, put a roof over their head, food on the table, clothes on their back, as well as, provide the necessary games and toys that all children want. The pregnant mom who is a Chicago single needs companionship as well. Most of these young mothers no matter how or why they are single need to find someone to make a home with. The mothers sometimes loose their husbands in death, divorce, or just plain had a relationship that did not workout and thought it best to stay single. That makes it very hard for a single mother to meet someone when she normally works two jobs and spends the rest of her time with her baby.

Chicago is a very big city, however, most young girls do not like to go out because of the dangers involved unless they are going out with someone they know. A lot of dating services in this past decade have sprung up providing a connection service for both young ladies and men. This helps a young mom to meet the right man. A pregnant mom who is a Chicago single risks danger being with the wrong person. The wrong person not only can be harmful to her but harm her child as well. That is why a lot of single moms prefer to stick to people who they know and trust. Dating can be as complicated as raising your child without the proper help.

One important thing please remember that even though a lot of children are raised up by their moms they still need the influence of the father. This is very hard for moms to do. If at all possible and the father is willing to show some concern or visit the child for the child’s sake please try not to get into any serious conversation with him. Let them visit for the child’s sake. Remember at one time you loved the father for one reason or another. Perhaps it was his eyes try to think of how you felt at the time and embrace your child with those thoughts. It is difficult for pregnant moms who are single in Chicago or any where.

Please find a support group there you will get good advise make friends and not feel like you’re the one that’s left alone with this situation. The child will grow quickly and you will find that you are faced with problems with school, finances, and relationships. There are groups who can help advise you where to go or how to solve some of the problems. It is really not all fun and games trying to raise a baby all alone. It can be a very rewarding experience with proper education, support, and guidance.

I would like to mention to all pregnant moms who are single in Chicago that you have a wonderful health care plan. It is advisable for you to go to your Healthcare and Family Services for advise and medical help. At this point they will help you with your baby being born and afterwards. Children need medical services, hospital care, and immunizations as they grow. The program is called well-child and we must do all that we can possibly do to help our children be well and stay well.

The pregnant mom who is single in Chicago has another very harsh problem. As your child is growing they are faced with gangs on the street, drug dealers, and other perverted characters. It is a shame that moms not only have to work hard to make sure her child is taken care of properly but she must also be the child’s protector. I advise that whenever possible do the best you can in selecting housing and neighborhoods. That is not always possible if the income is not there for you to use. While having your baby this is the best time for you to consider school or some training in something you like to do to better your lot and the babies. I really appreciate moms every where and I especially appreciate pregnant moms who are single in Chicago. God bless you and God bless your little one.

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