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Single Moms and Time Constraints

Everyone gets the exact same amount of time in a day. It is one thing you cannot buy more of or earn. So how can you manage time? You can’t. You can only manage your use of time. As single moms, you handle two person’s work in the same 24-hour day. How are you going … Read more

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Single Father Parenting: Inequities In Stereotypes

Why is a single father parenting a child seen somehow more saintly than a single mother parenting a child? A single mother is sometimes viewed as irresponsible or selfish for not staying in a bad or abusive marriage for the sake of the children, but a single father parenting is seen as some sort of … Read more

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Single Parenting Today

A lot is changing within society. As the divorce rate went up to 50%, more and more single parenting households began to appear on the landscape. With them come social and economic changes that have affected all levels of our society. Single parenting today is becoming a mainstay of our culture, and it is interesting … Read more