5 Tips For Having A Baby As A Single Parent

Being a single mother will have its challenges, beginning with a long nine months of being pregnant. If you are facing the prospect of having a child by yourself, you have many things to take care of as well as look forward to. Enjoy this time as much as you can, by using it to … Read more

Childhood Obesity

Parenting and Dealing With Childhood Obesity

One of the leading problems effecting today’s youth is that of childhood obesity. One of the most important parenting tips that could ultimately save a child’s life is to deal with the problem early and yet with great sensitivity. The truth is that dealing with this delicate parenting issue early may help to save a … Read more

Traditional Kids Summer Camp

Traditional Kids Summer Camp

A traditional kids summer camp is one that generally begins in June and continues through August. This type of recreation is a popular activity among children of all ages as it gives them the opportunity to experience new things, meet new people and embark on a journey of independence. With that being said, the following … Read more

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Newest Single Mom

Single motherhood is never easy and I am told that the first year or two after becoming a single parent are often the most difficult. Becoming more comfortable in the new role of being a single parent can be stressful, exhausting, and a bit lonely. The wonderful aspect of Mother’s Day is that it is … Read more

Self Esteem

Loving Beautiful You

In today’s world of the perfect size and the perfect hair and high fashion, it can be difficult to accept yourself and take pride in the beautifully unique creation you are. However, as single moms, or even single women (or for even married women!), there may not always be “someone” around you to remind you … Read more

Single Mom Against The Workforce

Single Moms Organizing Against Prejudice

It’s become evident that in America, the one big thing that can undermine your financial success is not divorce, death, or illness, but rather being a single mother. Single moms may land in this category through divorce, death, or an incapacitated spouse, but these are not the essential reasons why a single mother loses earning … Read more

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Pregnant Moms Who are Chicago Singles

Pregnant moms who are Chicago singles like all other mother’s carry the weight of their child for nine months in the belly but for a lifetime they carry the responsibility of the child on their shoulders. Most children are at home with their mother and every mother wants to be the best mom that they … Read more

Single Moms In The Military

Single Moms In The Military

Many women know when they sign up for the military that even after their tour of duty is done, they may be re-activated and deployed at any time. It’s still a difficult family dilemma if a single mother is the sole source of support for her children. Whereas a single mother in civilian life may … Read more

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Stress In Single Moms And How To Combat It

Being a mother is a demanding task and being a single mother is exponentially more challenging. Stress in single moms runs high because of constant demands and mom having to play dual roles in the lives of their children. What are the effects and what can be done about them? There is a very demanding … Read more

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5 Tips for the Single Mom Who Works

If you’re a single mom who works, you probably don’t have a lot of time to read, so let’s get right to the point. In addition to your salaried work, you’re a chauffeur, a nurse, a psychotherapist, and an educator. It’s as though you’re not only the ringleader of your family, but you’re also the … Read more