Single Mom

Being a Single Mom and Taking Care of Your Children

Being a single mom is no doubt a great responsibility on your shoulders. This does not mean that you can’t raise your children as good as any other mom would be able to do. Some people claim that they found it too hard to raise their kids while being single as they had to act … Read more

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Newest Single Mom

Single motherhood is never easy and I am told that the first year or two after becoming a single parent are often the most difficult. Becoming more comfortable in the new role of being a single parent can be stressful, exhausting, and a bit lonely. The wonderful aspect of Mother’s Day is that it is … Read more

Single Mom Dating

The Single Mom Dating Guide

This single mom dating guide is for those women who have suffered a divorce or bad break-up and are now ready to get back into the dating scene. If you are dating a new man, and have children, you also probably have some questions. When do you introduce your “new flame” to your children? What … Read more

Stay at Home Moms

Scholarships For Stay at Home Moms

Why is it so important to have a college degree? The answer is simple. A college education can definitely guarantee a better future. A college graduate can definitely have better work opportunities that can provide high paying salaries. Scholarships for stay at home moms can give you this opportunity. This is the ideal scenario that … Read more

Self Esteem

Loving Beautiful You

In today’s world of the perfect size and the perfect hair and high fashion, it can be difficult to accept yourself and take pride in the beautifully unique creation you are. However, as single moms, or even single women (or for even married women!), there may not always be “someone” around you to remind you … Read more

College Scholarships Single Mothers

College Grants for Single Mother Families

College grants for single mother families are a wonderful alternative to what many single mothers end up doing, forgoing dreams of completing their educational goals; because the tuition is too much for their budgets, because time will not allow, and the many other numerous reasons why these women tend to neglect their educational dreams. College … Read more

Scholarship For Single Moms

Finding a Scholarship For Single Moms

There are some unique scholarship opportunities available to single mothers, particularly if you’ve had to overcome some large obstacles to get to where you are. Many scholarships for women are need-based and also take into account minority-status and obstacles like domestic and alcohol abuse recovery. If you are looking for a scholarship for single moms, … Read more

Single Mom Business

Business Grants for Single Mothers

Business grants for single mothers are a great way to help boost the economy as a whole. With such grants, it gives single mothers hope that they can have the extra support they need so that they can work to pull themselves out of any financial drawback or issues they may have encountered. With such … Read more

A Business Woman

Scholarships for a Single Mother Business Degree

There are scholarships available for single mothers who want to study for a business degree. To find the available scholarship, single mother business degree applicants need to have a strategy in place. This includes selecting all the universities that offer business degrees in your area. A next step would be to inquire if the school … Read more

Single Mom Against The Workforce

Single Moms Organizing Against Prejudice

It’s become evident that in America, the one big thing that can undermine your financial success is not divorce, death, or illness, but rather being a single mother. Single moms may land in this category through divorce, death, or an incapacitated spouse, but these are not the essential reasons why a single mother loses earning … Read more