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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Newest Single Mom

Happy Mothers DaySingle motherhood is never easy and I am told that the first year or two after becoming a single parent are often the most difficult. Becoming more comfortable in the new role of being a single parent can be stressful, exhausting, and a bit lonely. The wonderful aspect of Mother’s Day is that it is not confined to simply celebrating the mother or mother in law in your life, but it is an occasion to celebrate all the wonderful mothers in your life. That includes sisters, aunts, sisters in law and friends. Here are some suggestions on how you can make Mother’s Day a bit more joyful for the newly single mother that is near and dear to you.

An Invitation. If the newly single mother you know suddenly has no firm plans for Mother’s Day due to her change in marital status, extending an invitation for her or her and her children to join you in your festivities is a thoughtful gift to offer. She will surely appreciate the company and also the distraction from the memories of how Mother’s Day was celebrated in the past.

A Girls Only Breakfast Or Brunch. Mothers rarely have the time to enjoy a leisurely and fancy breakfast. Gather all the girls that are important to both of you and step out for a delicious early meal of Eggs Benedict, omelets, fruit and pasties and Mimosas. A delicious breakfast or brunch filled with love and laughter will surely lift her spirits and show her the amount of support she has around her.

A Spa Or Salon Gift Certificate. If the single mom in your life could use a boost to her self esteem and an afternoon of pampering, present her with a gift certificate to a local spa or salon. A message, haircut, and manicure and pedicure will offer her a period of relaxation and a mood lifter that will last for days. You can keep it simple and spend only a few dollars so she can enjoy only one service or get together with friends and family to present her with a gift certificate that will give her the works. No matter how simple or elaborate, this is one gift that surely please her and provide benefits that will last for days.

A Night Of Dinner, Drinks And Dancing. Single mothers definitely need to get out and kick up their heels once in a while. In fact, all mothers need that! Gather a fun and outgoing group of ladies and spend a carefree
evening enjoying good food, good music and good company. Be sure to have a designated driver so that the gift recipient can enjoy a few cocktails without worrying about getting home safely.

Babysitting Services. Single parents are on duty around the clock and rarely get a chance to indulge themselves with time alone or in activities they enjoy. A few hours of free time during the week or on the weekend will offer the newly single mom a chance to catch up on chores without distraction, watch a movie, read a book or simply to take a nap. If you can extend this gift further and make this a weekly or monthly routine, more the better. The single mom will surely appreciate any and all help in making this transitional time of her life a little easier.

A Customized Gift Basket Just For Her. Money is tight for all us, but usually more so for the single mom. Think about her likes and passions and create a gift basket that will allow her to indulge herself a bit. Avid reader? A gift basket with a few new bestsellers, a reading light and some pretty bookmarks will surely brighten her day. Do crafts help her relax and use her creativity? Fill a basket with scrap booking materials or yarn, needles and a few knitting or crochet patterns. Coffee lover? A few packages of gourmet coffee and a pretty mug will give her that morning boost or evening relaxation she needs. Gift baskets do not need to be elaborate or expensive to create, they just need to be catered to the gift recipient to be a hit.

Honoring that single mom in your life on Mother’s Day with a thoughtful and personal gift will make the holiday a lovely and joyful day for both of you.

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