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Apply Card for Low Income Families in illinois

Financial Aid for Single Moms In Illinois

Illinois is an interesting mix if rural and city life. No matter where you live in the Land of Lincoln, if you are trying to raise your kids on one income you may find that you need help from time to time. The state offers several programs to help single moms make ends meet and … Read more

An Unemployed Single Mom

10 Tips for the Suddenly Unemployed Single Mom

The economy is bad. It’s no secret. People are losing their jobs, their homes and their credit worthiness at the quickest rate since the Great Depression. Although things aren’t quite as bad as they were then, they can feel much worse, especially if you’re a single mom who’s lost her job. If you’re a single … Read more

College Scholarships Single Mothers

College Grants for Single Mother Families

College grants for single mother families are a wonderful alternative to what many single mothers end up doing, forgoing dreams of completing their educational goals; because the tuition is too much for their budgets, because time will not allow, and the many other numerous reasons why these women tend to neglect their educational dreams. College … Read more

Single Mom Business

Business Grants for Single Mothers

Business grants for single mothers are a great way to help boost the economy as a whole. With such grants, it gives single mothers hope that they can have the extra support they need so that they can work to pull themselves out of any financial drawback or issues they may have encountered. With such … Read more

Mom with Bad Credit

Loans For Single Moms With Bad Credit

There is a public perception that having bad credit means you are irresponsible. The fact for single mothers is that often it’s just a matter of circumstances. They may have been married, but never established credit in their own name. When a divorce or death occurs, they have to start building a credit score when … Read more

Housing Grants for Single Mothers

Housing Grants for Single Mothers

Single mothers who are struggling to make the rent or the mortgage payment every month do not have to worry any longer with housing grants for single mothers. Housing grants for single mothers can help pay for all or partial housing expenses lifting a huge financial burden off the shoulders of single mothers. With one … Read more

Single Mom Grants

Finding Single Mom Grants For Many Reasons

Trying to find single mom grants? Well there is good news for you, there are many grants for single moms to be had out there, if you are willing to put the work in to get them. Now there are many reasons you may want to get a single mother grant. Maybe you need to … Read more

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Financial Assistance For Single Moms

Single moms often have a tough time managing their finances. There are a number of different things in life that need money to be spent and when there is not another spouse around the house to help out with payments, life can become a much bigger challenge than it needs to be. For these reasons, … Read more

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Home Business Ideas For Single Moms

Having kids to take care of is hard enough, and being a single mom is certainly harder. Without a support system, you may find it hard to make ends meet; and if you still have a job, or haven’t finished school, you may need to quit if you have no one else to take care … Read more

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Cleaning for Dollars

While searching a few single mom forums recently, there were questions like, “how can I make money from home?” and “anybody know of any work at home jobs?” Off course there were people there recommending multi-level marketing programs of all kinds and get rich quick schemes. I feel saddened when I see people, especially single … Read more