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Free Scholarships for Single Mothers

The words free scholarships for single mothers are sure to light a fire in the hearts of single mothers looking for a fresh start. Contrary to what is believed in some quarters there is a free scholarship available to just about any single mother around. The operative word here is free. Most single mothers tend to be already in debt and reluctant to incur any more, hence the need to access free funding for school.

To locate sources of free scholarships the internet is always a good to start. There are a number of databases that contain information dealing solely with scholarships and grants. In some states there are college foundations that administer scholarships including free scholarships for single mothers.

Another untapped source of free scholarships for single mothers is the listings of scholarships that are available only to females. Many of these scholarships are geared towards the single mother because society is aware of the specific needs of this growing demographic.

The American Association of University Women is a major source of information about free scholarships for single mothers. Not only is there the possibility that they offer such scholarships but they may also know of other institutions and colleges that offer free scholarships especially geared toward single mothers.

When looking free scholarships for single mothers do not be fooled by the word grants. In essence some of these are financial aid packages that you do not have to repay.

A little known fact about free scholarships for single mothers is that some financial aid packages also offer free or subsidized day care for children of successful students. This is another reason to find scholarships suited especially for your situation.

Some universities and colleges are happy to provide free scholarships for single mothers because research has indicated that these students tend to be hard workers. The assumption is because they have had life a bit harder they are willing to go the extra mile to get good grades and ultimately good jobs.

Although most free scholarships for single mothers are only available to American citizens, there are others that cater specifically for international students. Many single mothers from the developing world are able to access free scholarships for single mothers to study in the field of their choice. The main criteria for such an award however, is that the recipient return to her home country upon completion of their course of study. This is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to that country.

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