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Free Assistance For Single Mothers

The Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act of 1999, also known as Public Law 106-107, was enacted to help individuals and organizations to seek grants for a variety of reasons. This could be free assistance for single mothers that could solve many a single mothers problems, though not directly.
A variety of Federal agencies that sponsor grants will list their grant, the needs and other information, at Grants.gov. Agencies or individuals can register and apply for any grant that seems appropriate. The registration and the application information are connected to the one site. Some of the categories of available grants are as follows: Education, Employment and Training, Housing, Food and Nutrition, and Legal Services.

A woman looking for some sort of free assistance for single mothers could access this site and search for particular kinds of grants. This would include grants for housing, education or even child care. Many of the grants are not available for single individuals, but it is possible to find one or two, if someone is persistent in searching.

In many situations, a better choice would be for a single mother to find an agency such as a church or school that would be willing to help, if money were available. In some cases, a womans place of employment might be eligible to apply for a grant. If the organization obtains the grant, they could establish programs that could provide free assistance for single mothers. It would be possible, for example, for an already existing child care facility to apply for a grant to extend the facility, or provide free or reduced-fee child care as free assistance for single mothers. An organization could thus build its own program as well as help provided needed services to the community.

Another source of free assistance for single mothers regarding grants can be found at www.neh.gov. The National Endowment for the Humanities, a not-for-profit agency, might seen to be an odd place to search free assistance for single mothers, but it could provide information on grant money that might allow a single mother to attend college. It is also possible that single mothers might find a variety of sources that would allow her to send her children to college, or to send her children to better colleges than might otherwise be available.
The primary needment for any of these grants is that the applicant be a citizen of the United States. Non-citizens must have lived in the United States legally for three years prior to applying for the grant. Other information can be found at the two mentioned web sites.

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