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Financial Assistance For Single Mothers

There are many sources that claim to have information on financial assistance for single mothers, yet many charge fees just to give you the information. This is a red flag in most cases. Be weary of offers that need a fee before they’ll share with you what you are getting.

If you’re a single mother seeking financial assistance in the first place, obviously you don’t have money to waste on buying information that in most cases is free if you do some research. Although free information will give you the basics, you’ll at least have an idea of what you actually need to buy. Single mothers with limited time might find researching financial assistance details time consuming. However, it is a godsend because it helps you develop habits that could lead to the independence you hope to get through financial assistance.

Financial assistance for single mothers actually begins with you. You need to establish a budget. Knowing where your money comes from and where it is going gives you a confidence to improve your financial situation. You can’t get anywhere unless you know where you already are.
Begin with your income. Account for every cent spent. This is a necessary process because it will help you distinguish between necessary and unnecessary expenses. Many we spend small amounts of money we don’t remember spending. For single mothers on a budget, these small amounts add up very quickly. Spending a sixty cents on a soft drink might not seem important, but if you’re buying one drink five days a week for four weeks, that’s $156 a year!

Add to the list candy bars, coffees or anything else that may be cut back and you can see the picture.
Single mothers I am not advocating living a minimalist lifestyle. I want to simply point out how aware you become of your finances when you pay attention.

Saving can become as addictive as spending. I think you’ll enjoy the saver role more. It will lead to the prosperity you want for your future.

Here are some simple suggestions to get you started. Read books about money. I know you want the financial assistance, but it is just a bridge. You might get a sizeable financial assistance package through your diligence, but you won’t improve your life over time unless you’ve developed a money consciousness.

Buy a small note-book. Begin recording every dime that comes into your life and every penny that leaves it. If you find a quarter it goes in the credit column. If you lose a dollar it gets recorded. Do this diligently for three months. Not only will you be a financial savvy single mom, but you’ll know where you are financially so you can determine how to get to where you want to be in the future.

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