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Single Mom Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Where is a person for her to lean on? Where is the strength from someone other than her? Where is the sounding board when she needs to vent? Where are the arms to hold her when she feels afraid? Lonely? Sad? Believe it or not, single Mom dating doesn’t have to be hard. It’s all a matter of choices. Choose wrong, it can be a challenge, but choose right and life will change forever.

Being a single mom is not for sissies and not everyone can do it. In fact, very few can handle it, but that does not seem to matter. Single Mothers come from all walks of life and end up as single mothers for a variety of reasons.

Whether by choice or not, it is and will always be a fact of life that there are women raising kids in this world without the support of a good man. They are dealing with the needs of children in a world harsh with the reality of the worst economic times ever, where temptation abounds for a growing child. No one expects or wants a single mom to be both mother and father in these times, nevertheless she must. Its difficult enough being a mother in a two parent family, but in a world with no parent instruction manual, its near impossible for a mom alone.

While the love and support of extended family is needed and appreciated, that hardly is of comfort to a mom on a cold, late night of anxiety. A single mom must hide her feelings and emotions to aid the sense of security for her children. So who helps her with her sense of security?

A single mom who dreams is truly a strong woman. The stuff dreams are made of do not flourish in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, but dreams are necessary for hope of a brighter tomorrow. They are necessary for each next step for steps without dreams hold no hope.

Good men are no harder to find than good women. What is a good man to one woman may not be one to another woman. There are fits for everyone out there. One just needs to know where to go to find a good man who will appreciate her for exactly who she is and who thinks she is a better woman because she has her children.

A good man who will be able to share with her the guidance and nurturing of her children. They’re out there and they want to find a good person to share their life. The idea of kissing lot of frogs before the prince appears may have some validity, but anything worthwhile takes some effort. So for every single mom who is looking for a companion to begin living life with, there is a match because good men have the same fears and anxieties as anyone else does. Sharing the hard times with someone always makes them easier. Open your heart and look around in the right places, your life companion is there, you just need to put a little smart effort into finding him.

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