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College Scholarships for Single Mothers

Many single mothers wanting to go to college to further their education feel that they can never finance their studies without getting into debt. However, this is not totally true; yes, most scholarships are geared towards traditional college students, but many are non-traditional. Research shows that there are a number of college scholarships for single mothers available. The main issue therefore is not the lack of college scholarships for single mothers, but rather how to find these scholarships.

Researching college scholarships for single mothers must first begin with a plan. This plan should include the following:

  • Will you be studying full-time or part-time
  • What course of study will you be pursuing
  • Are you willing to travel out of state to attend school
  • Will you need full funding or can you manage with partial funding

Once you have addressed these issues its time to begin your search for a college scholarship for single mother in earnest. Check local businesses and your local church for information on any scholarships they offer. They may not offer any, but they may well tell you where to find college scholarships that you as a single mother can apply for.

Start searching by getting information from the most obvious places first:

The U.S. Department of Education (www.ed.gov)
This agency has a comprehensive listing of scholarships of all types across the country.

The Dean to Dean Scholarship, a joint venture between Springfield Technical Community College and American International College offers an excellent scholarship program that can be accessed by single mothers. Best of all, this is a scholarship that repeats, that is, if the recipient does well they will receive the scholarship again.

Directory of Financial Aid for Women
This great source is a printed directory of all types of scholarships for women

Sallie Mae College Answer (http://salliemae.collegeanswer.com/paying/scholarship_search/pay_scholarship_search.jsp)
Here you will not only find information on college scholarship for single mother, but other useful information on returning to school

Raise the Nation
This college scholarship for single mother is also available to children of single mothers.

The Womens Independence Scholarship Program
To be eligible for this scholarship, the recipient must in addition to being a single mother be a survivor of domestic violence.

There are other sources of information especially for mature and other non-traditional students besides those listed above. So if you need to find a suitable college scholarships for single mothers, do not give up in frustration. With perseverance you will find scholarships you can apply for.

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