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Some Child Effects Single Parenting Has On Minors

There are a variety of child effects single parenting has on minors. Some are positive and some are negative. All in all, one can’t judge a non-traditional household based on positives and negatives because each household can be uniquely different. However, there are some studies that suggest that single parenting does have an effect on minors either due to the absence of a father figure or some factors that accompanying single parenting like poverty.

The Good

Before we get into the bad child effects single parenting might have on minors, its good to note than many single parent households have positive effects on children. If a single parent household was established to remove a spouse that was making the household environment hostile due to drugs, alcohol, or an abusive nature, then the children may feel relieved to be out of that situation. It can provide a new lease on life for the parent and the children and actually promote healthy growth.

The positive child effects single parenting can is to make them more independent and self-reliant. They grow up with a more practical bent on life and are determined to make their way and survive. Children in single parent households tend to be more mature and seek to establish long-term relationships in the future.

The Bad

The bad child effects single parenting can have on children range from emotional disturbances to cognitive deficiencies. A divorce or death of a spouse can produce feelings of abandonment or guilt. In the case of divorce, if the conflict continues to be maintained between spouses, the child can have torn loyalties between parents and may lie to one to please the other.

And, The Ugly

Then, of course, the truly ugly effects of single parenting can be a lack of educational or economic opportunity for the child, no same sex role models, and a lack of support systems for their continued care. These, in turn, establish some indications that the effects single parenting has are complex and long lasting.

In this day and age, there are more and more households are being established as single parent households. They don’t all have to fall into the negative stereotypes and learning what possible effects this choice can have on a child can only help in the long run.

Many of the factors that contribute to producing bad effects can be addressed through a good community support system. In addition, if a primary caregiver is aware of the possible effects a divorce or death can have on her children, he or she is better able to find the resources to help them meet those needs and overcome these obstacles to go on to have a better life.

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