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Meet the 21st Century Single Mom

The 21st Century Single Mom is not perfect. However, she has mastered the technique of sharing her emotions in healthy ways. She is an encourager to her children by allowing them to observe and learn how to do the same. She supports her children in their lives, but, most importantly she has a life of her own.

One of the biggest mistakes single Moms make is not forgiving themselves for the inherent struggles of single parenting and making their children the center and focus of their lives. It is unhealthy for the children and the parent.

The 21st Century Single Mom follows her words with consistent actions. She commands respect by giving respect. She is firm and holds her children accountable for their actions. She inspires them because she is inspired by life and the growth she sees in her children. She doles out more and more challenging responsibilities so her children can grow to become healthy adults. She is confident and honest, letting her children see the rewards from adopting this character.

Here are five actions you can take today for a more invigorating lifestyle that leaves time for you to enjoy life with your children and have hope for their future on the road to becoming an adult.

  1. Allow your children to share with you what’s on their mind. Become involved in the things they enjoy doing. Ask questions about the things that interest them.
  2. Teach your children to tap you gently on the shoulder while you are engaged in conversation with others, should they have a wish to interrupt with a question or concern. This teaches patience without a sense of urgency at all times.
  3. Play games with them whenever possible. Through role playing important lessons can be taught in a fun atmosphere.
  4. Join the child on their level. Lower yourself physically to a child’s level by sitting or bending down. Imagine how intimidating it would be if everyone in your world were taller or larger than you.
  5. Always take time to interact with your children. Sacrifice the time, even if there is a room filled with adults. You would be amazed how much you enjoy their innocence and unpretentious.

Whether you’’ve become a single mom by choice or due to circumstances, realize there will be moments when your whole world is upside down. But you always have a choice. Go ahead and cry for a minute. Then figure out how this setback can be turned into an opportunity.

If you want to inspire your children to greatness, you must dare to be great yourself. If you want them to develop the skills to enjoy lives full of fun, joy, accomplishment, with an ability to overcome life’s challenges that present opportunities and rewards, then you must make your own life an example.

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