The Tough Lives Of Young Single Mothers

While everyone knows it’s hard to be a single mother, young single mothers have almost impossible hurdles to overcome to keep from falling into poverty. Young single mothers usually are comprised of young adults between the ages of 13 to 20 years of age. They are the segment of the population most likely to end […]

A Teenage Single Mother and Parents

As soon as the words “I’m pregnant” come out of your teenage daughter’s mouth, a roller coaster of emotions begins for both a teenage single mother and parents. Although a teenage single mother and parents can share the same emotions, they often are coming at them from different perspectives. Fear The primary emotion a teenage […]

Having A Young Single Mother’s Right Attitude

Young single mothers face a number of obstacles to successfully parenting their child while trying to achieve their own self-sufficiency. On the one hand, a child needs a mother’s attention, but on the other a young single mother needs to be working to earn a living to support the child. This delicate balancing act can […]

Single Teenage Parenting: Dating Issues and Insensitive Parents

Each child is unique and responds in a different manner in different situations. Single parenting deeply effects their emotions, so it is the duty of all parents to act in a way, which is better for the future of our kids. The idea is to act and not to react. So lets find out how […]

Parenting Tips For A Young Single Mother

When a teenager becomes a mother, she may still be trying to mature herself and doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to successfully parent a newborn child. Paren’ting tips for a young single mother come from a variety of resources: her parents, grandparents, community, hospitals and clinics, schools, and private organizations. The more information a […]

Young Single Mother And Friends Who Influence Her

Young single mothers are just like any other teens. They eat poorly, sometimes drink, or smoke. They’re influenced by peer pressure to become sexually active and then when they become pregnant, those same influences can be damaging to her child. After the baby is born a young single mother and friends may part ways. The […]

Young Single Mother And Education Loss

While many strides have been made to lower the teenage pregnancy rate, America still has one of the highest in all the industrialized countries. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 teenagers becomes pregnant before the age of 20. And pregnancy is the biggest factor leading female teenagers to dropout of high school. From there it […]

A Teenage Single Mother’s Family Cultural Expectations

Most families do not want to hear that their teenage daughter is pregnant. However, teenagers of different cultures can face more severe expectations. When a teenage single mother’s family is an ethnic minority or of a particular faith that has cultural beliefs that value virginity or has specific maternal expectations, her choices may become limited […]

Young Single Mother Resources For Health And Nutrition

Once a single mother has housing and childcare resources taken care of, her next mission is to make sure the child has proper heath and nutritional services. On a limited income and with no parenting skills training, teenage mothers may not understand the importance of feeding and caring for a baby properly. Having a list […]

Look To Local Programs For Services For Young Single Mothers

The philosophy that the Federal government currently upholds for teenage mothers is to promote values of abstinence, education, and paternity identification. With that in mind, many services for single mothers on the Federal level have been curtailed or delegated to local agencies. Private organizations have also stepped in to fill the gap. Although Aid to […]