Children Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution For Children

Problem solving and conflict resolution for children should begin being taught early on. If you’re a parent of multiple children in your family this becomes clear as it won’t take siblings long at all to become engaged in some type of ‘sharing’ violation with one another. Children of a family with other children almost immediately […]

Traditional Kids Summer Camp

Traditional Kids Summer Camp

A traditional kids summer camp is one that generally begins in June and continues through August. This type of recreation is a popular activity among children of all ages as it gives them the opportunity to experience new things, meet new people and embark on a journey of independence. With that being said, the following […]

Christian Single Mothers and there Needs

It is very difficult for members of traditional families to understand the special difficulties and needs of Christian single mothers. Although the Christian community takes a special responsibility in helping to support the material needs of single mothers, materials needs do not fully supply the needs of the Christian single mother. The unusual demands on […]

Housing For Single Mothers

It is not always easy to find housing for single mothers. The housing should be affordable and safe. In most large cities, safe neighborhoods often do not have affordable housing. A single mother looking for housing must also take into account commuting distance to her job. If the housing found makes the commute too far […]

The Rise of Single Mothers In the United States

In the United States, the number of single mothers is on the rise. The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2000 that one-third of all children were being raised by a single parent, with 80% of this number being single mothers. While divorce accounts for the majority of children being raised by single parents, over 40% […]

Teenage Single Mothers

Incidences of depression and mental health problems in children of teenage single mothers are much greater than of children born to traditional families. The high rate of poverty and the lack of a father figure in the lives of children of teenage single mothers put these children at a serious disadvantage in society and at […]

Single Mothers Dating Advice

It seems everybody has an opinion about single mothers dating, especially the kids. Some good advice for single mothers who plan on jumping back into the world of dating is that is it not necessary to introduce your children to every man you go out with. In fact, it might be better to wait until […]

Single Moms: There are Many Types Of Single Moms

Single moms are often viewed as underprivileged, overworked, underemployed and generally, under advantaged. This is not necessarily true. While there is a large segment of single moms who did not plan their pregnancy, it is becoming more acceptable to plan a single parent family. Adoption and artificial insemination are becoming more common for single women, […]

Single Mothers On A Budget

Single Mothers On A Budget. A budget is a systematic plan for the expenditure of a usually fixed resource, such as money or time, during a given period. As a single mother you might groan at the thought of putting together a household budget with all your expenses, but its easy to do and will […]

High Self and Sex-Esteem

There is a misconception that single mothers have very low self-esteem and sex-esteem too. The scientific findings revealed that single mothers score higher than their fellow single women who have no children in terms of sexual behavior and attitudes. They also have high levels of self-confidence, emotional stability and intelligence, good communication skills and proper […]