Affordable Single Mother Housing

These days there is less and less affordable housing for everyone, but single mothers are impacted most. Unfortunately, the events that usually precipitate a status of single motherhood are either death or divorce. Other times, it can be that a parent must leave an abusive household for the safety of the children. Trying to adjust […]

Single Mother: Housing Loan Problems?

The American Dream inspires everyone, especially a single mother. Housing loan problems though may keep her from achieving that dream. Single mothers are the ones in society most in need of good, affordable housing, but in less of a position to get it. Some of the housing loan problems that a single mother can face […]

The High Cost Of Single Mother Housing In California

The Public Policy Institute of California released a study in 2006 that states the if regional costs of living were to be factored into California’s poverty rate, instead of being 15th in the nation, California would rank as 3rd compared to other states. The high cost of housing was considered a large contributor to the […]

Single Mother Housing Rental Considerations

Single mothers have many obstacles to renting, not the least of which is economics. Other factors like family status discrimination and the needment for safe neighborhoods and good schools often limit good choices. But, the single mother housing rental choice lies squarely with the single parent. No one else is there to make that decision. […]

Requirements For Housing For Single Mother

Single mothers are raising the next generation of children. The statistics in the 2000 Census show that every year the number of single parent’s are increasing dramatically in American society, with single mothers continuing to outnumber single fathers by a 3 to 1 margin. Also, there are now more single women buying real estate then […]

Types Of Low Income Single Mother Housing Options

In looking for low-income single mother housing options, there are the conventional routes, and the unconventional. If you are a mother in need of low-income housing, make sure you look into all your options to determine what is best for your family. Public Housing, Subsidized Housing, Or Housing Vouchers These are the conventional routes to […]

Single Mother Housing Assistance Programs

The best place to find single mother housing assistance programs is at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Homeless Single Mothers If you are in the position where you are now homeless, the HUD program has listing of housing counseling programs and local homeless assistance programs. If you know of someone homeless who […]

Housing Tips For Single Mother Homeownership

So, you’re one of the lucky single mothers that have made it: You’re thinking of buying your own home. The greatest drive in a single mother’s life is to provide food and shelter for her children. However, either keeping the home after you divorce or managing to buy a home later, it all boils down […]

Housing Program For Single Mother

As a single mother, you may be surprised to finally find yourself in a position to buy your own home. But, where do you start? Is there a housing program for single mother? Yes, there are many places to find available housing programs, though not specifically aimed at single mothers; they do provide safe, affordable […]

Housing Grants For Single Mothers

Grants for housing for individuals are not as prevalent as they were in years past. One has to research Federal and private programs to try to find housing grants for single mothers, which are often doled out to agencies first. In addition, states sometimes have specific programs for their own residents that differ from state […]