Homes To Buy For Single Moms

While some single moms make quite a good income, the great deal of single mothers are struggling financially. Add to that the inequities in pay and discrimination in the workplace against single parents, and you come up with people who have to provide home and shelter for children but with limited means. That doesn’t stop […]

Affordable Single Mother Housing

These days there is less and less affordable housing for everyone, but single mothers are impacted most. Unfortunately, the events that usually precipitate a status of single motherhood are either death or divorce. Other times, it can be that a parent must leave an abusive household for the safety of the children. Trying to adjust […]

Housing For Single Mothers

It is not always easy to find housing for single mothers. The housing should be affordable and safe. In most large cities, safe neighborhoods often do not have affordable housing. A single mother looking for housing must also take into account commuting distance to her job. If the housing found makes the commute too far […]

Single Mother: Housing Loan Problems?

The American Dream inspires everyone, especially a single mother. Housing loan problems though may keep her from achieving that dream. Single mothers are the ones in society most in need of good, affordable housing, but in less of a position to get it. Some of the housing loan problems that a single mother can face […]

The High Cost Of Single Mother Housing In California

The Public Policy Institute of California released a study in 2006 that states the if regional costs of living were to be factored into California’s poverty rate, instead of being 15th in the nation, California would rank as 3rd compared to other states. The high cost of housing was considered a large contributor to the […]